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Google Experiments With New Hotel Finder

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Google launched their Hotel Finder ‘experiment’ last night, giving users a far more visible and interactive way of searching for a hotel.

Users can enter their location, check-in (and check-out) dates, price, and hotel rating and then be presented with a list of hotels that match their specified criteria. It’s from there that the ‘experiment’ gets more interesting as you are then able to the define the exact neighborhoods that you’re thinking of staying in – in whatever shape you like.

As well as drawing shapes over your chosen area, Google also highlights popular locations on the map to help you choose, at a glance, where might be best to stay.

With the service being being billed as an ‘experiment’, we can expect many of these features to be built upon and for new ones to be added. The service is currently available in only seven US cities but it’s likely that it will be rolled out across further cities and countries in the near future.

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August 2, 2011 at 11:53 am

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